Here are some of my reverse poems - that is, they read the same backwards as forwards.  They're not as easy to write as you might think!

Cat Napping


Peace in lounge.

Object: you being idle.

Duties at work task your mind,

Matters pressing…

More tend to turn up,

Give you weary feeling still.

Body’s soft, doing nothing,

You can’t move.

Cosy and nice place,

Warmest enjoying fire you had been, ever,

Armchair comfy, your overstretched eyes closed…asleep.


Sound is outside…

From intruder? Friend?

Firm, calm, taking breath…

With apprehension, sudden, turning you to creaking door…

Over-anxiety -

In strolls cat!



Cat strolls in,

Anxiety over!

Door creaking to.

You, turning,

Sudden apprehension –

With breathtaking calm,

Firm friend, intruder from outside,

Is sound asleep, closed eyes,

Stretched over your comfy armchair!

Ever been had?

You fire: “Enjoying warmest place? Nice and cosy?

Move, can’t you?”

Nothing doing - soft body’s still!

Feeling weary, you give up,

Turn to tend more pressing matters,

Mind your task, work at duties.

“Idle being!” you object,

“Lounge in peace, napping cat!”



Home From Home


On dream holiday,

Away, friends all, again,

Escape! Great!

The distractions only summer brings –

Nothing but sunshine for long days.

Cold ice-cream,

Suntan… “’Bin abroad?” Neighbour’s chippy!

The round trips, sightseeing,

Sole strain on bank!

Rowing, family activity,

Main adventure, outdoor abandon!

Everyone faces long day…all inside garden, soaking up sun,




Sun-up: soaking garden.

Inside all day,

Long faces. 

Everyone, abandon outdoor adventure.

Main activity: family rowing – bank on strain!

Sole sightseeing trip’s round the chippy.

Neighbours abroad.

Bin suntan cream.

Ice-cold days,

Long for sunshine,

But nothing brings summer.

Only distraction’s “The Great Escape” (again).

All friends away.

Holiday? Dream on!




Mirror, Mirror


Magic mirror

(True reflection),


Stage lighting,

You, no actress,

Amateur heart beating

In theatre wings.


On toes,

Taking breath,

Act your part now, Wicked Queen!


The shriek, thrilling children,

Excited row,

First among stars, sparkling cast –

You, outsinging everybody!

Pose, hold note – louder -

Getting laughs.

Dance moves making you not so scary,

Turn, forward step.

Time this move –

Prompt calls: “Curtain!”


Curtain calls.

Prompt move, this time!

Step forward, turn scary – (so not you...!)

Making moves, dance.

Laughs getting louder,

Note: hold pose.

Everybody singing out.

You cast sparkling stars among first row –

Excited children, thrilling, shriek: “The queen! Wicked!”


Now part.

Your act – breathtaking.

Toes on wings.

Theatre in beating heart.

Amateur actress?

No - you, lighting stage!


Audience reflection

True mirror –





Like Brings Like


Content chosen, sealed,

Bond firm,

Clasp tight.


You, drawing near him,

Silently weighing matters,

Special moment, this.

How strange, shedding tears

Wrapping gift as well as card!

Even so, you have.

Shouldn’t you wow him?!


Him: “Wow! You shouldn’t have!”

You, so even: “Card as well!”

As gift-wrapping tears, shedding,

Strange how this moment, special, matters, weighing silently!


Him, near,

Drawing you,

Tight clasp,

Firm bond sealed,





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