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Andy Bunce

19 Mar 2009 00:22:11 GMT  

Hi helene ... just popped by to say hello.......HELLO !! LOL Andy xx




Vanessa Powell



I managed to find your site by searching (exhaustively) for a specific reverse poem I remember reading in one of my poetry classes a few years ago. I didn't find it, but I'm absolutely in love with yours. The ones I remember learning were all line by line, not word by word. I'm in awe. Anyway, you're amazing, and I certainly hope you're still at it. Cheers!





Richard Bloom



16:03 h

            Mark Wing suggested I take a look at your site. It's really interesting.





Mark Wing



14:05 h

            Just stopped by to say hello. Your raw talent is incredible... you make me laugh so much and Sue just loves your 'reverse' poems.


By the way, I think you need to wear one of your many different hats in each of your pictures...



Sue Jones-Davies



23:05 h

            Dear Helene, Sorry to be slow in responding. The whole Christmas season just flew by and now it's 2007!! The Welsh cakes were absolutely wonderful and were polished off with indecent haste by my sons and their friends who said they were ace. I think I managed to grab two for myself - what a lovely thought - thank you so much and thank you for the copy of Lingo - I enjoyed reading it. It's back to work tonight, trying to design a poster to advertise our yoga classes. Hope you had a good Christmas and that there will be lots of writing success in the New Year - Blwyddyn Newydd Dda, Sue




Neville Johnson



21:23 h

            How come you let Mensa get away with only £20 for your poem? Donít send them your novel; competition or otherwise. Have you ever written a play (or considered writing one) for TV, radio or stage? If not, why not?




Sean Miller



13:37 h

            Excellent site Helene, hadn't found it before


Will be back soon! In the meantime, keep entering the poetry competitions





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